Antique Moreau French clock set

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A spectacular Moreau French beige chic Valencia marble mantel clock set is signed "Paris," and has statues of a classically gowned young woman driving a chariot pulled by lions.

This clock presents the design of Gooddes Cybele Magna

Gooddes Cybele on mythologie was the God with extra power same as we looking in this item ,where lions pulling her chariot

The same design of this clock ,is standing in Madrid, Spain, the most fameous fontain build for goddes Cybele in world , where being visited every day from turists.                                              This antique three piece set from the 1850's has richly detailed statues of spelter, a white metal alloy with an original dark bronze finish.
The brass movement has been professionally cleaned and oiled and keeps accurate time. A silvery bell counts the hour and rings on the half. The hand painted porcelain dial and filigree gold plated hands are original.

Clock measurements are 49.3cm" wide, 17 cm" deep and "39 cm height, the side urns are 12.2 cm" wide, 11.2 cm" deep and 39 cm height.
Weight of the clock is 12.3 kg. Weight of one single urn is 3.5 kg. All weights together is 19.3 kg