Sills Art

Pop art and Abstracte artwork Acryll on canvas

' Sills Art' is Created by Priscilla Bilijam

Art selling goes true Art24, Pamona, Chairish and our own webshop

Priscilla is a young entrepreneur in antiques, vintage (Deda Antiek). In addition to her business, she has a passion for creating Abstract art with acrylic on canvas and digital artwork. She is also involved in architecture and neuromarketing.

Every free hour she plays with brushes, colors and freestyles the most colorful canvases. She gets her inspiration from her life, music and nature. Art is healing, a form of meditation, getting away from the world for a while, dreaming away, getting new energy, charging with positivity, happynes

The digital works of art are sketched on paper and then digitized and colored. The designs are available in different sizes, colors and materials, such as Acrylic Glass and Aluminum

Every artwork have is own certifye authentisy, serial number.